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Interesting facts about me

Name: Patty
City, State: CO
Diabetic Pet: Ali
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 12 - July 9/99
Weight: 47 lbs
Eats: Primal Pheasant and Chicken formulas - with added cooked green lentils 
Insulin: NPH twice a day 
Treats: Loves ice chips

Mercola's Complete Probiotic for Pets 1 1/4 t
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin C 500 mg
Vitamin E 400 IU
Mercola's Kids Krill Oil 3 caps per day
D-Mannose, and cranberry powder for urinary support

Do home blood testing before every shot with OneTouch UltraSmart meter.

Diagnosed May 2008

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    You must have been helping the Humane Society....right?? I have helped them a lot in the past. A couple years ago me & a few other ladies headed up the first annual pet mardi gras parade with all proceeds going to the humane society. It was so much fun & we all really enjoyed it!
    I never realized that anyone from the board was so close to me! But, since I lost my Star & Jeffrey a couple years ago I just haven't been as active on the board.
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    Hey! I just noticed the post where you mentioned Ft. Polk, La......I live in DeRidder. About 20 miles south of Ft. Polk! Small world!



    Reply from Patty:

    It is a small world :) Glad you made it through IKE ok! I volunteered at the animal shelter in Deridder for awhile helping train some of the pups to make them more adoptable. We were there for 2 years.